Friday, January 4, 2013


Okay friends I need help, So we bought our house in November. I hate all the colors of the house so help me decide what to do. I would love an all white kitchen which is doable, but I have dark brown baseboards, crown molding and doors would that work with a white kitchen or do I need to paint them all white? should I  just stain my cabinets dark and find colors to match the dark brown Or do my white cabinets? uggh i've been stressing for weeks on what to do. so heeellp

Red wall in kitchen,  what color should I paint it

Family room, its a khaki color on the wall just too dark for my taste.  What  color would work?  Just a lighter brown maybe?

What I wish my kitchen looked like. 
I like blues greens greys whites. So my question is should I keep the dark brown base boards and find colors that will match or paint them white and do the colors I really want?


  1. I'm no decorating guru at all, but if it were me, I would paint the trim white. If you want that light and airy feel, I would for sure do the trim white. For the kitchen, if you paint your trim white, I would paint that wall a grey, blue or green, or maybe have one of those colors go throughout your great room to make it cohesive. I'm just spouting off stuff I'm not totally sure about, but that is my 2 cents. :) Good luck, you have great taste and I'm sure it will turn out awesome however you do it! Can't wait to see it!

  2. I would say to do what you want. There is no point in putting hard work in to something if you aren't going to be totally satisfied in the end. I dont think painting the baseboards would be hard enough that you'd wish you didn't do it. Paint your kitchen white, and paint your family room a really really light (almost white) blue, it lightens the room up so much! I am so jealous of your house, we're looking right now and my apartment is getting smaller and smaller as we do so!

  3. Call Geoff. He'll come help Mike rip out everything :)